Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Teen Summer Reading Program

Teen Summer Reading Program Guidelines

There are two ways a teen (13-18) can win one of two iPads
  1. Just by reading. Whoever reads the most number of pages for the summer will win an iPad. Teens will have to check in with the young adult librarian (Faythe) to have the completed book and format (paperback or hardcover) recorded.
    1. We will verify the pages numbers and record it. 
    2. Graphic Novel/Manga page numbers will be adjusted by 1/3
  2. Earning entries by participating in summer reading program activities as outlined below:
    1. 1 entry – signing up
    2. 1 entry – weekly check-in/progress report 
    3. 1 entry – every YA/Adult book read (Harry Potter series accepted)
    4. 1 entry – every THREE Manga/Graphic novel read
    5. 1 entry – every THREE paragraph review (Example 1, Example 2)
    6. 1 entry – every program attended
    7. 2 entries – every book trailer made (Example 1, Example 2)
    8. 2 entries – every redesigned book cover that incorporates the theme of the book (Example 1, Example 2)
  • Teens will be able to check in with Faythe during Digital Media Lab times, at the TAG meetings, before the movie, or after the book group. Please see calendar for times. 
  • In order to win an iPad through option 2, a teen will need to have at least THREE entries.
  • Page number winner will be calculated first.
  • Drawing for the second iPad will take place after.
    • In the off chance a teen wins both, a second name will be drawn until we have a different winner.

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  1. I have published a book that is great for spooky, summer, teen reading: "The Haunted House Kid" Matthew Gary Milam (Amazon,B&N,Xlibris).